Promotions: Benefit Enhancement Programs

Happy employees are productive employees. Goodman Vending and Food Service can help you structure food and beverage-centric Benefit Enhancement programs to reward and encourage positive employee behavior. Benefit Enhancement programs can be designed to promote Safety, Attendance, Performance, and more. We’ve listed a few of our most successful programs below. We would be delighted to help you create rewarding and productive incentive programs for your team. Call us today!

Flavia-Only for those who derserve the best!

Cafe to You by Goodman has the perfect option for your coffee service. Why spend all the time and money running for Starbucks or Dunkin Donut. Flavia offers gourmet coffee right in your own office. These systems can be used as pour overs, plumbed in ,free play or pay systems. Enjoy specialities such as Espresso, Kona, Dove Chocolate, Milky Way , Exotic Tea, and many more selections. You can make a coffee, cappuccino, latte, mochaccino, chococciono and many more combinations.

Cafe To You New Coffee

Cafe To You House Blend Coffee is here ! Regular and Decaf. High grown Arabica Central & South America coffees come together smoothly in a mild blend. Check with your Cafe team member for more details.


How can you reward your employees ? We have the Funbucks , a program that can help you recognize them for any number of reasons, attendance, birthdays, anniversaries and even safety records by giving them Funbucks . Please contact your Goodman team member for more details.

Every 75th drink is free!

Every 75th drink is free! Machines can be programmed to supply a free drink to each 75th customer, with the word "Winner" flashing across the L.C.D. readout.

Popcorn Day

Goodman Vending outfits your office with everything you need for an "Old Fashioned Popcorn Day", a real morale booster for employees!